About Us

About Us

PironaPainters is a professional team of different areas who put at your service this virtual space for the oil painting realism expression.

My name is Karla Pirona and I am the artist who made the works. Here you can find an exhibition of my original artworks, my feelings and motivation in the art path and an e-shop where you can order personalized artworks.

One of my greatest motivations is add to the oil painting technique a greater purpose, inspired in the great masterpieces of oil painting. They are distinguished because their authors wanted to show something more than just their artistic skills. The allegories in those paintings make them deeper and enigmatic. This is the feeling that I want to convey in my work.

All the artworks that you will find here contain a life story. The completely artisan manufacturing is one of the core values in all my work. I do not use printing, projections, or electronic programs, but I do rely on the photographs from which I make the compositions. In this way, I can carefully involve myself in the details and meaning of the artwork, adding value through the human footprint. Unequivocally the result will be a unique artwork.

My priority is providing altogether with the beauty of the artwork feelings of peace, harmony, wholeness, justice, joy, or virtue.

In this way, when you order your artwork at PironaPainters, you can be confident that your artistic needs will be fulfilled, being able to recreate the emotions that certain special moments have produced in your life. You will be able to share these feelings with your family, friends and allow them to feel that same excitement. Immortalizing those moments, you honor the beauty of your principles, traditions, and values.

We also design artworks for your company, offices, meeting rooms, hotels, restaurants, and any other corporate space that requires the appropriate visual environment, reflecting the vision of your business, creating synergy and harmony between your clients and workers.

What makes us different from other websites?

Other websites mass-produce artworks using multiple digital and electronic tools. That is how they can offer you paintings in record time, but in this process the artistic emotional connection is sacrificed for the monetary reward of the sales volume.

But when you order your artwork at PironaPainters, the traditional times of composition, drawing, sketching, painting, and drying are respected at an affordable price.

Please, do not misunderstand me, technology is wonderful! and makes life easier for us if we use it wisely (without it you would not be reading this on your electronic device). A curious fact is that I am a fan of technology. I am a Chemical Engineer and I have a Master in Process Control Engineering in which I learned how to use AI. I have worked for many years in the emulation of human Genetic Algorithms in computing, advising the publication of books, doctoral works and scientific articles in Simulation, Computer Modeling, Programming, etc., that can be found even on Amazon.

Even though I am passionate about technology, what I want to point here is that even I know all possibilities of technological tools and how to use it, I decide to do not use it in my painting process.

Precisely because I know there are infinites advantages of living in this technological age, I found there is also a higher advantage for artists: the opportunity to dedicate greater amounts of time to masterfully execute the manual arts, such as painting, since the rest of the routine activities that consume more time are already resolved through the technological advances.

Why dedicate huge amounts of time painting is it can be solved easier and faster using digital tools? My believe is that the common practice of use technology removes from us the need of artistic execution by trying to automate. Using electronic means excessively to speed up production, make you lose the sense of personal fulfillment due to the absence of handcrafted art. From other websites you will receive a painting that can be reproduced and replicate several and several times. It is not exclusive. That is why I value the handwork even more.

The handwork is a distinctive mark and one of the inalienable principles of PironaPainters, as well as returning the sensation of the normal course of time by the manual, conscious and advocated artistic execution in the middle of an instant gratification world where everything has become urgent. The waiting time and the expectation of having the artwork in your hands is one of the many ways in which you can enjoy the principles of productivity and discipline so much, so the final product has greater added value. PironaPainters offers you a pleasant, direct, on time and personalized treatment with the artist. It ends up establishing a trust relationship with the client, since it becomes a way of accessing the ideas that the client has and wants to be beautifully executed in the artwork.

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