The Artwork

The Artwork

Scenes, culture, traditions, and values define the artist's works in her need to drain her personal vision of life, strongly influenced by her social environment.

Her themes lean towards a desire to show the reflective and intuitive positions of the human body. Her eyesight problems have led her over the years to interpret the human postures language rather than facial expression.

She paints unknown characters in their natural environment, who represent some lost value of society: hope, faith, hard work, respect, brotherly love, etc.

esquina del aguador, san felipe

Karla emphasizes the figures, shapes, and poses, blending them with the environment to fully convey the atmosphere of the scene. The artist is transfigured through her works into a peaceful fighter.

Her artwork belongs the category of two-dimensional depiction in traditional medium of oil on canvas. She draws directly on the base by freehand making use of proportions to achieve the measurements. Mentally she composes the scenarios from different images, adapting the time, lights, and colors.

Her paintings can be appreciated from near and far due to the diligence in developing the details.

The distinctive and recurrent use of desaturated colors transfer realism to the canvas. It also transmits characteristics of humid tropical climate to the artwork and allows an allegorical interpretation of the condition of her country of origin: land wealth tarnished by loss of basic human rights and values. This characteristic accompanies Karla throughout all her work, even when she paints different places, as a mourning of the Venezuela that once was.

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